The East

While the East may not have the vast areas of designated wilderness found in the West, there are still plenty of natural areas where you can have civilization far behind. In Florida, you can look for alligators and waterfowl in the swamps of the Everglades. Red wolves howl and black… Read more“The East”

The Southwest

To the early European pioneers, the deserts of the Southwest appeared to be lifeless, inhospitable terrain, good-for-nothing places where nothing could survive. Today, this corner of a North America has become one the most popular nature destination of all. Several of this region’s most famous parks can be seen by… Read more“The Southwest”

The Rockies

The Rocky Mountains run down the length of North America like a stegosaurus’ spine. Towering peaks, vast ice fields, jewel-like lakes, wildflower-dappled alpine meadows, and thick forests. There are the scenes you can expect to find when you explore the high country along the Continental Divide. Four national parks in… Read more“The Rockies”


In California alone, scientists have identified nearly 400 distinct type of habitat that, overall, are home to 7,850 kinds of plant, 30,000 species of insect, and 2,300 different vertebrate species. Nearly half of state is owned and managed by government agencies. There are six national parks, ranging from the primeval… Read more“California”